Anyone who has used composite bats knows that they are not as "hot" new as they are with a few hundred hits on them.  Some companies claim that bats are "hot right out of the wrapper", this is not the case.  All composite and metal alloy bats have increased pop after they have been hit a few hundred times to some degree.  For this reason bat rolling is a popular option among softball, fastpitch softball, and baseball players as a way to lessen the break in period.  Bat rolling is a process that stretches out the composite fibers along the bat's barrel.  The bat rolling machine we use rolls your bat 2 ways; parallel and perpendicular.  First we roll your bat perpendicularly.  The bat is rolled through the bat roller at 8 different points around the bat.  This will actually roll the top and bottom with one pass through so that means your bat would be rolled at 16 different sides while being bat rolled with over 300 passes through the bat roller.  After the perpendicular roll we roll your bat parallel with a slight decrease in pressure, which breaks in your bat to its fullest along the full sweetspot.  The parallel bat rolling will break in any spots that were missed by perpendicular bat rolling.  This bat rolling process allows for a consistent break in along the entire barrel of your bat, which equates to more pop, distance, and no dead spots.  Also, to get an even more consistent break in, we bat roll with gradual increments of pressure until we achieve maximum break in. 

We also can shave your bat if you like. Bat shaving adds incredible distance and pop to a bat. We thin the walls out with a Digital CNC Lathe and secure the cap back on professionally.

Bats will break in with normal use and hit farther over time.  Here at BigDawg Bat Rolling we offer the service to cut that break in time to zero and give a consistent break in across the entire barrel of your bat.

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